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AllGen’s key staff have undertaken work in the Philippines over the last 15 years. We believe that we are able to offer our clients high quality, cost effective solutions which are tailored precisely to our clients’ individual needs.

The range of services we offer includes plant maintenance services, project planning, project management, maintenance management and consultancy. We are able to offer these services either individually or as a comprehensive team-based solution for the total management of a wide variety of engineering projects.

In highly critical environments where multi-million dollar equipment needs to be expertly serviced and the work needs to be completed on time, clients cannot risk project over-runs. Staff at AllGen have consistently delivered high quality work on time and at competitive prices which offer high value to our clients.

This company profile provides you with the background to our company along with some case studies of projects that we have run. The profile will also give you the opportunity to read about the members of our highly skilled and experienced team of professionals.

As owner/directors of AllGen we are adamant that, wherever possible, we are directly involved in every project that we undertake. We are each highly skilled in our respective disciplines and, by being hands-on, we are able to ensure first- hand that each project is managed and run to your total satisfaction. We enjoy meeting with our clients in person during projects. This is to ensure that you recognise that we treat your project with the right level of seriousness and dedication.

We have tried to ensure that we have covered every aspect of AllGen’s business in this profile. If there is any additional information you require, please contact any one of us directly either by email or telephone and we will be happy to provide the information to you.

We look forward to working together with you on your forthcoming projects. We are confident that AllGen can offer a competitively priced solution that will be run and supported by a team of highly skilled professionals to your complete satisfaction.

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John McCutcheon


Wilfredo L. Magallano


Ryan Dayne R. Delgado

General Manager

Our Company History

AllGenCorporation (AllGen) was established in 2010 but AllGen staff have been working in the Philippines since 2000.

The management team of 5 Directors, who established the company, has combined over 100 man-years of experience in the electricity generating field and is able to utilise these skills, along with those of our team, in technical projects as diverse as geothermal power generation and commercial waste disposal equipment. Over recent years we have completed major power station overhauls and refurbishment appraisals for EDC, CalEnergy, Emerald Energy, Marubeni, Aboitiz and Global Business Power in the Philippines.

We believe that AllGen are now one of the leading specialist providers of expert supervision and project management for a wide variety of plant overhaul and construction projects in the Philippines.

More details of some of the projects that AllGen staff have managed can be found in the case studies section of this document.

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Our Business

At AllGen, we recognise that owners and operators of large, high value equipment need expert advice, guidance and management of the construction, technical assessment, repair and on-going maintenance of rotating equipment as the risks for associated with unexpected failure can be enormous. For example, the loss of a generator to a power company, even for a short period can seriously jeopardise the company’s ability to maintain continuity of supply. Loss of this equipment could result in the short term loss of supply-generated income. With many other businesses it could result in the loss of customers as a result of perceived unreliability of supply.

The loss of vital equipment caused by project overruns can be crippling. That is why we, at AllGen, offer the reassurance that all our projects will be managed and overseen by our own specialists. Our skilled professionals make certain that every aspect of a project is noted, assessed and managed to ensure that any risks are recognised, mitigated and avoided. The Project Managers within the AllGen team are also able to make sure that milestones are identified and agreed with our clients and will regularly update client’s management of progress or changes to the project plan.

AllGen staff supervised and carried out much of the mechanical work on this 51 MW MHI Generator at Mount Apo

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