Consultancy – Project Development

Consultancy – Project Development

Consultancy – Project Development

Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility Studies

“Can this be done?” may seem a simple question. In practice, there are expert skills involved in ensuring that the feasibility of any work is fully understood. It’s not just about the “can it be done?” it is also about “how will it be done?” AllGen’s expertise in this area is genuine and based on a wealth of experience. Having the reassurance that any item of work has been reviewed and studied by skilled professionals will ensure that feasibility should never be an issue for your business.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Understanding whether the cost of carrying out work will be justified by the benefits gained is a challenge that is faced constantly by any organisation. AllGen have undertaken cost benefit analyses on a wide range projects, for a wide range of clients. These clients have benefited from our skills and expertise in ensuring that every aspect of this complex process is considered and included when appropriate.

Project Economics

The financial aspects of any project are an essential element to its success. On major projects such as turbine overhauls the sums involved can be very large. Errors or omissions can jeopardise the success of the total project.

Ensuring that your organisation fully understands the economics of a project is critical. AllGen can provide the resources to map all parts of this essential item and ensure there are no errors or omissions. We will see that the economics of your project are fully understood at every step.

Risk Appraisal

Whether work is being carried out by your in-house team or by external contractors you need to be assured that all the risks have been evaluated. Often your own staff can be so close to the project that they fail to take a more detached overview and can miss some important risks involved.

Engaging AllGen to carry out a risk assessment your organisation will receive an independent appraisal of any work or project. Our team will carry out a detailed risk analysis and give you an honest, open and expert view. The report will include all identified risks for the project and make recommendations on how these risks can be minimised.

Bid Clarification Reviews

The technical review of a tender for major equipment requires in-depth knowledge and experience of the design, operation and maintenance of typical plant. AllGen has worked on an extensive list of equipment types and manufacturers which has given us the ability to critically review bid tenders and determine key questions to be clarified at follow up meetings with tenders. This allows the Client to have the confidence that they are getting the best design for their project.

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