Maintenance Management Services

Maintenance Management Services

Maintenance Management Services

Due to the nature of our business, AllGen has been exposed to an array of maintenance strategies. We can provide you with our accumulated knowledge and experience to customise maintenance regimes for you. No Surprises is the goal. AllGen’s clients enjoy the knowledge that their equipment is regularly maintained and that the cost of their maintenance is included as a budget item. Let us provide for you the following services;

Development of Maintenance Strategies

We all know that heavy rotating equipment is expensive and the maintenance and care is vital to ensure continued performance. It is not good practice to wait until work is required before starting the maintenance planning work. Planning work needs to be completed to a fixed timescale and this can only be done successfully by developing detailed maintenance strategies.

Maintenance Systems Analysis

With high value equipment, inappropriate maintenance systems can prove expensive. We will investigate and provide a detailed report with recommendations to bring your systems back in line with world best practice.

Maintenance Control and Documentation

Our skilled team at AllGen ensures that your equipment maintenance is controlled in the right way and that documentation is available to ensure correct procedures are followed.

Maintenance Work Planning

AllGen have many years of experience in planning maintenance work on a wide variety of high value equipment. We have supplied clients with detailed plans for their maintenance work either as part of a much larger engagement or as a one-off piece of work.

Contracting of Maintenance Services

To ensure that your contracts are as watertight as possible and that every aspect of the work to be carried out is detailed in the contract you need to employ the services of an expert in this field like AllGen. At AllGen we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure that the contracts you enter into are well drafted and contain all the terms and caveats that ensure successful completion of work.

Implementation of Major Maintenance Projects

Your organisation has decided to carry out maintenance work using contractors. The plans have been put in place. The contracts have been drawn up and signed. You are ready to start. Who will manage the implementation of this major maintenance project?
AllGen will ensure that the implementation is carried out in exactly the right way. AllGen’s expertise in maintenance project implementation comes from many engagements in the implementation major works. We understand the intricacies of the implementation – how to turn the theory into practice and make sure that the work is completed to your total satisfaction.

Risk Management of Maintenance Projects

Any project in the heavy engineering arena has associated risks. This is as true in maintenance projects as it is anywhere else. The difference is that failure to manage the risks in these large projects can potentially have a huge impact on your organisation’s revenue. These risks need to be managed in minute detail throughout the project to ensure that all management are aware of the risks and that risk avoidance actions are taken whenever possible.

AllGen’s Alan Robinson super- vising records of shaft levels on 80MW Fuji generator in the Philippines.

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