Plant Maintenance and Supervision Services

Plant Maintenance and Supervision Services

Plant Maintenance and Supervision Services

Turbine Generator Overhauls

All of the team at AllGen have been selected for their well-developed skills and experience with heavy rotating equipment, their ethical work practices, quality client focus and can do attitude. We will ALL go the extra mile to ensure your machines are well looked after.

Our team of experienced engineers have worked on numerous power stations in the Philippines and abroad. From 500kW to 600+MW, conventional and geothermal units. We provide supervisors, team leaders and trades staff for all mechanical servicing and overhaul work on;

    • Turbines
    • Generators
    • White Metal Bearings
    • Gearboxes
    • Auxiliary plant
    • Control valves and servo’s

We live and breathe this work

Other heavy rotating plant services

Reactive or planned outages need addressing quickly and professionally by informed people. Gearboxes, pumps, compressors, valves etc. are all part of our servicing repertoire.


We know that proper alignment is extremely important for machine longevity. AllGen has consistently proven our alignment capability. Whether you use plain or rolling element bearings, we have the skills and experience in house to ensure your organisation get the best possible result EVERY time.

Spatial Alignment

We are able to provide laser technology to measure and perform spatial alignment of components within turbine casings. We can also provide the proven wireline methodology for alignment of internal components.

Elevation Datum Surveys

We are able to provide laser technology for the surveys of plinth and/or casing elevations. Over time casings can develop a sag which results in the need to adjust coupling and equipment alignments. With laser technology the current elevation can be utilised with flatness surveys to indicate the optimal adjustments to coupling and equipment alignments to ensure the long-term reliability of plant and minimise the potential for rubs.

Root Cause Analysis and Repair Assessments

Utilising AllGen staff’s extensive knowledge and experience on rotating equipment we are able to support investigations into root causes of failure or loss of performance. We are also able to assess and recommend different repair methodologies to give the Client the ability to select the optimum solution for their plant.

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